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Welcome to where we provide you with a list of traffic exchanges for free advertising. You can literally have an endless growing supply of thousands of daily visitors (maybe hourly) going to your web sites with free traffic exchange system advertising.

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Ok - here is the deal with traffic exchanges. You will not get as high of quality visitor as you would be getting with generic search engine results or PPC (pay-per-click) on major search engines (Yahoo, Bing, Google) or on some other select ad networks. However... over time you can develop a massive amount of free ongoing traffic to your websites because of your growing network of referrals. You decide how fast you want the traffic & your referral network to grow based on your own efforts. Decide how much time you are willing to commit using the traffic exchanges. I'll be honest... I'm willing to surf websites in traffic exchanges only "1 hour" per week max but many people spend much more time. I recommend you have 5-7  browser window tabs at a time to surf more than one traffic exchange. If you are in 30+ traffic exchanges like I am than you need to rotate which exchanges you surf on different days. I know there is likely 300+ traffic exchanges but you sure can't join them all nor are the majority worth joining. I may join a new one every so often & list them here.

The primary market in traffic exchanges is people looking for ways to make money on the web & to promote their own websites. I've promoted a variety of pages/ sites (biz opps, affiliate programs, other traffic exchanges, Leads Leap (I'm paid member - recommended), ClixSense (Go Premium IMO), my affiliate network directory & have generated leads/sign-ups/positive results.

I view traffic exchanges as something that likely can be "long-term" massive traffic generators to websites of my choice. It's just one method I can use. Your referrals & their referrals (etc.) can possibly develop into more traffic to your sites than you could imagine. Build your network & surf at your own pace... stick to it & watch the exponential growth.

I am a paid premium member in 2 traffic exchanges (Leads Leap & EasyHits4You) & a free member in the other ones for now. That could change.


top traffic exchange sites list

 EasyHits4U (I've been a paid premium member here for a while) - This traffic exchange has been around since 2003 & has over 420,000+ members. Simple & straight forward layout, 1:1 surfing ratios, a tiny dash of cash off referrals & personal surfing is what you get here. Paid membership also includes free random referrals into my network and other goodies. I do realize some other traffic exchanges also do that as well.

 Traffic Swarm (this is my home/start page) - I remember reading an article from someone who heavily uses traffic exchanges and Traffic Swarm had the best conversion ratio for them in a marketing experiment they did. This is no surprise as members decide which ads they want to click on.  They have been around for a long time!



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